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Limited Access All Terrain Drill Rigs (8)

Some sites where you need drilling done are not accessible with traditional, truck mounted drill rigs. We deal with it all the time - soggy, muddy fields, construction sites, under electric wires,low over hangs, in cramped quarters, and in rough terrain.

When you need drilling done, no matter where it is, you need a rig that can get onsite quickly, safely, get the job done right, and get out again. That's why Holt Services, Inc. has invested heavily in a diversified fleet of powerful, small-footprint, rubber track mounted rigs. These rigs are designed to easily reach tough locations. Their size and weight has been reduced and all but one has "driverless", remote controls. This keeps the center of gravity low so they can climb or descend steep grades - as much as 30 degrees.

There are five options for drilling methods with our limited access rigs: sonic drilling, hollow stem auger, mud rotary, coring, and direct push drilling. Between these, you've got access to the capabilities you need for your environmental drilling, geotechnical drilling, construction drilling, exploration drilling, and much more.

Our Terrasonic TSi 150 LC CC sonic rig and our LDS 75 HT combination hollow stem auger, mud rotary, core rig additionally add the option of low overhead clearance.

Limited Access All Terrain, Rubber Track Rigs

3 – Sonic drill rigs, compact - Terrasonic TSi 150 CC
L - 19 ft., W - 7 ft., H - 7 ft. with mast down, H - 20 ft. with mast up

1 – Sonic drill rig, compact, low clearance – Terrasonic TSi 150 LC CC
L – 15 ft., W – 7 ft., H – 7 ft. with mast down, H – 14 ft. 7 in. with mast up

1 – Hollow Stem Auger/Mud Rotary/Core Rig, compact - LDS 75 HT
W - 6 ft., H - 7.5 ft. with tower down; H - 14 ft. clearance with mast up

1 – Direct Push Rig, Geoprobe 7822 DT Compact Crawler
Traveling dimensions: L - 11 ft., W - 5.4 ft. , H - 8.4 ft.
Working dimensions: L - 14 ft., W - 5.4 ft. , H - 15.6 ft.

1 – Hollow Stem Auger/Mud Rotary/Core Rig – Mobile B-54 Track rig

1 – Hollow Stem Auger/Mud Rotary/Core Rig – Mobile B-57 Track rig

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Oregon Construction Contractors Board #198764
Idaho Public Works CL #015401-CC-4
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