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Direct Push Drill Rigs

A direct push rig is the perfect choice when you have a large shallow area in relatively soft unconsolidated materials, which needs a fast initial investigation on a modest budget. If there is known or suspected subsurface contamination in the soils or groundwater, a direct push drill rig is ideal.

The direct push drilling method pushes and/or hammers tooling into the subsurface without generating waste materials back to the surface that may be contaminated. Waste materials that are contaminated are costly to dispose of and require preparation of waste manifest paperwork and usually includes transportation and disposal costs.

Designed primarily for environmental drilling, geotechnical drilling, and exploration drilling applications.

Our drilling teams have extensive experience working with the MIP, HPT and MiHpt Geoprobe direct imaging systems.

Capabilities and Features

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Whether your drill site is easy to drive up to, off-road, in a limited access area or has plenty of clearance, we have a direct push drill rig ready to get your project done.

Direct Push Drill Rigs

1 - Geoprobe 7800, on a 2016 Ford F550 truck
1 - Geoprobe 7822 DT, track mounted
1 - Geoprobe® 54LT, track mounted

Direct push drilling methods use a combination of hydraulic push and the static weight of the vehicle to advance a tool string by displacing soil to make a path for the tool. The operation typically does not generate drill cuttings. In the most favorable geologic conditions, using direct push enables subsurface investigations to be conducted to depths of approximately 200 ft. However, in most situations, based on our experience, investigation depths are limited to 50 ft.

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