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"I just want to give Holt Services a much appreciated thank you for your help on a recently completed water supply project in Eugene, Oregon. The project involved a multifaceted scope including drilling, construction and testing of a new supply well, rehabilitation of two existing wells, and an innovative reconstruction of a third well. Although the scope and schedule had multiple revisions as the work progressed, Holt Services worked with me and the client to meet the demanding schedule and successfully complete the project.

"I work with many drilling companies around the United States, and Holt Services is the one I compare others to in regards to quality of work and expertise. I really appreciate their willingness to make it happen regardless of what the challenge is!"

Jim Bailey, L.H.G., P.G., Senior Associate, National Well Services Director
Shannon & Wilson, Inc., Seattle, WA

"Holt Services, Inc. has been very competitive with their pricing. I appreciate their flexibility and willingness to meet my tough schedules. On one of recent jobs, they provided valuable insight on the feasibility of drilling in tricky locations. I have witnessed them use their stop work authority and I appreciate their continued emphasis on working safely. They have a great team of hard working people and I will definitely be scheduling them again for upcoming jobs."

Julie Mouton, P.E. | Project Manager
Antea®Group, Redmond, WA

"When our clients ask for driller recommendations, Holt Services Inc is one we always recommend."

Joseph E Becker, PG, Project Manager
LHG, Tacoma, WA

"Holt is the first company I call when I have a drilling job. They are responsive, professional, and they do whatever it takes to get the job done.

"On a recent project, we encountered very high, unanticipated artesian groundwater flow in a boring located next to wetland. Dale Smith came to the site as soon as he was notified. He worked with the onsite crew until they were able to control the groundwater flow. They also worked with the client's representative to protect the wetland. They then developed a plan to control the artesian pressure while drilling the remaining borings. With their quick actions and experience, we completed the job and the client was happy."

Hisham Sarieddine
Shannon & Wilson, Inc., Seattle, WA

"Awesome job with the sonic rig in downtown Bellevue!!! I am truly amazed!!! A big THANK YOU to the crew!!"

Alison Dennison
Golder Associates, Redmond, WA

"I wanted to send you a quick bit of feedback about the vac crew that I worked with over the past couple days. To sum it up they were awesome! Both were very receptive to all of my Health & Safety ideas/comments and were both very attentive and engaged in the daily tailgate meetings. If any work scope changes or items came up throughout the days, they were also very willing to help out, and make anything work. Just wanted to send my praise."

Caren Warga
Conestoga- Rovers & Associates, Tacoma, WA

"I have worked with Holt Services since their inception and have never had a negative experience. Most of my geotechnical projects take place in dense urban areas where numerous details have to be considered, including: minimizing noise, working in busy traffic, avoiding dense nests of utilities, keeping the site clean, moving on and off the holes daily, and protecting the public.

"Holt field crews are able to not only drill the borings, but also facilitate complicated in-situ testing and instrument installations. Holt is my first choice for drilling in these challenging conditions. Their management staff is cooperative and quick to provide efficient and creative solutions. Their drill crews are punctual and good at adapting to unique drilling and soil conditions."

Monique A. Anderson, P.E., Senior Associate
Shannon & Wilson, Inc., Seattle, WA

"Randy is one of the most qualified drillers in the area and I always enjoy the opportunity to work with him given his thorough understanding of drilling techniques and unique approaches to dealing with drilling problems when they arise."

Dan Matlock, Principal Hydrogeologist
Pacific Groundwater Group, Seattle, WA

"Holt Drilling has always provided superior service for my projects. They have been consistently on time, ready to go and prepared for project requirements.

"One particular project exemplifies the exceptional service they provide. The project was for a new municipal water supply well, approximately two hundred feet deep. Cable tool drilling was the method of choice. Holt started drilling on a Friday. Monday morning when I checked in with Randy Holt, the well was complete. Randy informed me that he personally had drilled through the weekend because the drilling was progressing quickly and he didn't want to stop the process and risk complications. The client was, needless to say, extremely happy."

Galan W. McInelly, LG, LHG, LEG, Principal Geologist
GeoEngineers, Inc., Redmond, WA

"I've had the pleasure of working with Randy Holt and Dale Smith, currently with Holt Services Inc., for more than 25 years, both in the field as drillers and in the office managing projects. They have always delivered services as promised, most importantly, if issues cropped up during drilling activities they have taken care of them and ALWAYS made us happy.

"Most recently Dale mobilized a three-person drill crew on a Friday afternoon to an emergency response in eastern Washington and had them on-site Sunday morning!" I would highly recommend Holt Services, Inc. to any organization needing drilling services."

Terry Parks
Kennedy/Jenks Consultants, Seattle, WA

"I've worked with Dale Abernathy and many of the drilling personnel from Holt Services throughout the last couple of decades, and have always been pleased with the service and product that they provide. They provide timely cost estimates, are great resources for questions regarding drilling and installation issues, and provide safe and professional field personnel that can be relied upon.

"One recent difficult instrument installation demonstrated Holt's capabilities for adapting to the conditions, offering alternative methods, and performing a top-notch installation. Their expertise and commitment to quality are just a couple reasons I have worked with them in the past, and will continue to do so in the future."

Rob Clark, Associate
Shannon & Wilson, Inc., Seattle, WA

"In the 15 years that I've worked with, collaborated with, and teamed with Holt Services' drilling managers and drillers, I've found consistent quality work from everyone from the top managers/drillers to the assistant drillers/helpers, no exceptions. I've long considered Holt my go-to drillers for these reasons and many more. I've convinced others to give Holt a try and to Holt's credit, they have impressed those geotechnical engineers, environmental engineers, and geologists and expanded their list of satisfied clients.

"I've also found that I can also count on Holt to be a good dependable technical reference – from giving me their best assessment on accessing a tough site; providing substantive inputs to me on how best to craft my field approach for a tight competitive bid; loaning me technical guidance material to giving me their honest opinion on the merits of environmental drilling capabilities at a site and what the clients want.

"However, Holt, to me, is more than my go-to drillers and technical reference. I consider Holt as a long- time friend and colleague. Everyone at Holt from technical folks to administrative personnel is ready to assist, sincere in their approach and communications, and competent in their work. I commend them all and thank all for making my job, as a manager, and others easier.

"Opportunities to conduct field work as a senior manager aren't as often I'd like them to be; however, whenever the opportunity arises I always ensure that Holt is by my side; just as I ensure Holt is a part of all the projects I manage or assist in whether or not I'm in the field with them – that's how I can ensure technical success at a competitive budget!

"The pleasure is truly mine whenever I correspond with or talk to anyone at Holt. Thank you for the opportunity to provide my thoughts and appreciation for the work that you and all at Holt do."

Yen-Vy Van, L.H.G.
Maul Foster & Alongi, Inc., Seattle, WA

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"Holt is the first company I call when I have a drilling job. They are responsive, professional, and they do whatever it takes to get the job done."


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