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March 26, 2020
An Important Update Regarding COVID-19 Response

We thank you for your support and patience as we navigate together through these challenging times.

Following the guidelines mandated by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and our Governor's office here in Washington, the services Holt Services, Inc. provides and the employees who provide these services, are without question, part of the workforce defined as "essential critical infrastructure" workers during the COVID-19 response.

Our personnel have the training, experience and personal protective equipment to provide services within the guidelines provided by the Center for Disease Control and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration to prevent infection and/or spread of COVID-19. Holt Services Inc. employees have been instructed to practice social distancing, limit interactions with other individuals, and we’re actively encouraging sick employees to stay home. We have put in place strict safeguards following the CDC guidelines to protect our employees and clients and believe we can successfully move forward with our operations, safely and efficiently throughout the western United States.

Your Project Managers are currently working together (though remotely or from a safe distance) to keep jobs running on time, on budget and safely. Please know you can count on your team at Holt Services, Inc. to do what it takes in order to keep all essential drilling projects going at this time.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy!

Barbara & Randy Holt
Holt Services, Inc.
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October, 2019
Holt Services Recognized as a Shell GCSC Safety Champion

Holt Services Recognized as a Shell GCSC Safety ChampionThe Shell SGW Global Contractors Safety Council (GCSC) announces GHD and Holt Services, Inc. collectively as Safety Champions! The Shell SGW GCSC consists of representatives from Shell and from each of the eight Global Environmental Services Strategy (GESS) consultants.

Holt Services – with Sean Sewell at the helm – is creating a culture and climate within the organization that supports and encourages exemplary Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) behavior. Holt Services' nominator, Jacquelyn England of GHD said, "GHD is working with Sean Sewell of Holt Services Inc. on an L3 Safety Plan. Holt's plan includes several very notable safety improvement action items that are well worthy of recognition. One such item is a plan to increase safety communication by setting up a weekly "Safety Minute" that will be broadcasted to all workers to communicate lessons learned and good safety topics. Holt will also be implementing a quarterly Safety Hero program to reward employees with strong H&S culture with recognition and a gift card, as well as a program to encourage Stop Work/Near Miss reporting accompanied by good corrective measure recommendations. These are just a few of the great programs being implemented by Holt with their Safety Plan – their Plan is a clear indication of their great safety culture and commitment to the safety of their team, our team, and the surrounding public. Great work and looking forward to seeing the progress!"

August, 2019
Multiple Rigs on Site for E330 Tunnel Project Bellevue, WA

Multiple Rigs on Site for E330 Tunnel Project Bellevue, WAStarting in 2016, Geo-Instruments hired Holt Services as geotechnical driller for Sound Transit’s E330 Downtown Tunnel project in Downtown Bellevue, WA. Using multiple rig types – mud rotary, sonic and auger – Holt drilled over 40 geotechnical instrumentation boreholes. Depths of these holes ranged from 35 ft. to 120 ft. In 22 of the 43 boreholes along each side of the tunnel, Holt Services installed inclinometers. Per our client’s article in Tunnel Business Magazine, “The instrumentation and monitoring program for the E330 contract served its intended purpose. It helped mitigate risk by enhancing safety at the site for both tunnel workers and the public.” The rail extension project is slated for completion in 2023. Senior Project Manager, Larry Leone, recently published Geo-Instruments’ findings on the Instrumentation Data Management System in Tunnel Business Magazine. The full article can be read here.

July 22, 2019
PFAS Adds Complexities to Environmental Drilling Jobs

PFAS Adds Complexities to Environmental Drilling JobsHolt Services Inc. has had the opportunity to work on several projects investigating and/or remediating the threat of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) to the environment. According the epa.gov website, “Both chemicals are very persistent in the environment and in the human body – meaning they don’t break down and they can accumulate over time. There is evidence that exposure to PFAS can lead to adverse human health effects.” That’s why it’s important to try and remediate the threat. In addition to keeping workers safe on site when dealing with PFAS chemicals. Awareness of PFAS chemicals and their harmful effects is on the rise and new steps have been taken to reduce exposure. Holt Services is working hard to combat the presence of PFAS in our natural environment. Read the full article in National Driller.

Corp of Engineers Test Soil Around Foster DamOctober 2018
Corp of Engineers Test Soil Around Foster Dam

Testing is being done on Foster Dam this week (in Foster, Oregon) as part of long-term monitoring to ensure dam structural safety in the event of an earthquake. U.S Army Corps of Engineers, Shannon & Wilson, and Holt Services are working together on an annual geotechnical investigation to evaluate the characteristics of the dam's foundation. Holt Services is drilling into the embankment and testing core samples every five feet. See the full story in the Albany Democrat Herald.

Holt Services obtains a Water Well Driller License and expands capabilities to UtahJune 14, 2018
Holt Services obtains a Water Well Driller License and expands capabilities to Utah.

Our crews are now drilling in Utah. We have multiple large-scale environmental, geotechnical, and water supply projects in Utah, Idaho, and Montana in 2018. Holt Services is licensed to drill in Alaska, California, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah and Washington. Holt Services has one of the largest and most diverse drill fleets in the country and can mobilize to your site in no time flat. Check out the full article here.



Holt Services Renews its Commitment to a Safety First CultureMay 2018
Holt Services Renews its Commitment to a Safety First Culture

Our Health and Safety Program was established to provide the essential framework for a safe work environment and to meet all regulatory requirements. We help our employees maintain high safety and health standards through extensive training, prevention, onsite safety audits, and constant communication. Holt implements a continuous improvement plan to review our incidents and further improve on our safety performance. Learn more about each aspect of our program here.


Hard Core Drilling is now Holt ServicesJanuary 2018
Hard Core Drilling Acquired by Holt Services

Hard Core Drilling is now part of our Vancouver, Washington office. We are happy to welcome Steve Van Bergen, Hard Core's founder, to our drilling team. He is a master at mud rotary drilling, coring, and over-water work. With his comprehensive drilling knowledge and never-give-up attitude, Steve successfully completes even the toughest drilling projects.

This acquisition adds three additional auger/mud rotary/core rigs to our Oregon-based fleet, which also includes sonic, dual rotary, and direct push drill rigs. If you have a drilling project in Oregon or Southwest Washington, we're here to complete it on schedule, to your specifications, and to your total satisfaction.

Northwest Environmental Conference and Tradeshow, booth #40January 22, 2018
Award winning performance on Palermo Data Gap and Feasibility Study

Holt Services recently had the opportunity to team up with GeoEngineers and Columbia Technologies on the Palermo data gap and feasibility study. Their hard work paid off and the project won the ACEC 2018  Best in State Gold Award for the Successful Fulfillment of Client/Owner Needs. See the full story in the Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce.

Northwest Environmental Conference and Tradeshow, booth #40Dec. 5 - 6, 2017
See Us at the Show in Portland

Meet Paul, head of Portland / Vancouver operations, and our other project managers in Portland on Dec 5th and 6th at the Northwest Environmental Conference and Tradeshow, booth #40. Discover how our teams, practices, and large fleet of state-of-the-art drilling equipment help ensure your projects meet or exceed your client's objectives, industry standards, and best practices.

Paul Smith Joins Holt Services to Manage Vancouver, WA OperationsNovember 10, 2017
Paul Smith Joins Holt Services to Manage Vancouver, WA Operations

Environmental and geotechnical driller Paul Smith joins the Holt Services team. Paul is based in Portland/Vancouver to deliver the full breadth and depth of Holt Services to you and your projects in the region. Paul is well versed in the local goings on - from regulations to politics and projects. Get details

Holt Services Field Expo photosAugust 25, 2017
Holt Services Field Expo

Field Expo August 25, 2017, 10 am - 2pm at our headquarters in Edgewood, WA. See live drilling demonstrations, enjoy a
delicious lunch, and more.

June 1, 2017
2nd Vacuum Truck Arrives

Quickly and safely uncover underground utilities before drilling. Get details


TSi 150 compact crawlerApril 11, 2017
Holt adds 5th Sonic drill rig to its diversified fleet

Introducing our newest sonic rig - the versatile TSi 150 compact crawler. Holt Services now has five sonic rigs - the largest fleet of sonic drill rigs in the Pacific Northwest. With the largest, most diversified fleet of drilling equipment in the industry, Holt Services makes it easier to put the right drilling equipment and teams at your project site. Get the results you need on time and on budget with our 5th NEW sonic drill rig! Get details

Northwest Environmental Business Council LogoApril 6, 2017
Holt Services, Inc. joins the Northwest Environmental Business Council as Sponsoring Member

To support and strengthen our connection with the environmental professional community, Holt Services, Inc. is now a Sponsoring Member of the Northwest Environmental Business Council (NEBC). Holt provides support services to the environmental community that align with NEBC’s mission. According to Steve Rasmussen, Project Manager, "We rely on NEBC as a resource; as a Sponsoring Member we can be more involved and make more connections with our fellow colleagues. We are excited about the events NEBC has lined up for this year!" Get details

March 14, 2017
Two new B-58 drill rigs join our growing fleet.

Put the stress of availability and breakdowns behind you when you schedule our brand-new B-58 drill rigs for your project. 

With 9 auger/mud rotary/rock coring rigs in our fleet, a team can be on site working on your project very soon. 

With our large fleet and in-house maintenance crew, it's easy to keep our drill rigs available and performing at their peak for your project. Get details.

March 7, 2017
Steve Rasmussen joins the team.  

Join us in welcoming Steve Rasmussen, our new Project Manager and Business Development Specialist. Steve has an award-winning health and safety background and is ready to apply his deep expertise with environmental site assessments and remediation to your environmental and geotechnical drilling projects.  Get details.



Nov 11, 2016
Two new drill rigs join our ever-growing fleet.

Our new CME-85 HT high torque auger drill rig is a rugged power house with 22,900 foot pounds of torque. With SEVEN combination-hollow stem auger/mud rotary/core drill rigs, scheduling is quicker than ever. Get details.


Our new Sonic 150 LC CC is powerful, nimble, and compact. All the power of a big rig on a compact, rubber track footprint with a drilling height of just 14 ft 7 in! Low clearance and off-road sites are no problem for this agile rig. When overhead clearance is not a concern, we have three additional SONIC rigs to fulfill your drilling needs. Get details.




July 28, 2016
New, track mounted multi-purpose B-57 drill rig

Our new rubber track mounted Mobile B-57 drill rig is already busy in the field drilling in areas that traditional drill rigs can't reach. It's compact, powerful, versatile, and nimble. Unlike most rigs, the "driver" operates it using remote controls to skillfully maneuver it into difficult-to-reach locations. Get details.

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