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Environmental Drilling Services

Environmental projects are intended to determine the existence of subsurface contamination and to facilitate remediation efforts.

Simplify your next environmental drilling project. From planning to clean-up you can count on your experienced drilling team at Holt Services, Inc. First, you will be provided with a prompt quote and technical drilling recommendations, if needed. Then in the field with knowledgeable experienced drillers with the motivation and dedication to get results. Our team will complete your project safely and on schedule. From city streets to remote locations, your drilling team has the equipment, experience and knowledge to drill in virtually any condition.

Whatever your drilling conditions may be, shallow or deep, vertical or angle - bring it on! From simple to highly technical - consider it done.

The Newest, Largest, Most Diverse Fleet of Drilling Rigs for Your Environmental Drilling Project

Enjoy the friendly, personalized service of a family-owned company, with the equipment, quality, and rigorous safety standards of a large company.

Contact us today to talk with an environmental drilling professional and get a quote. Standard quotes are typically provided within 24 hours, often the same day.

"Do other drillers make fun of your drillers for being so neat? Well done!"


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