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Using Impulse Generation Technology to Clean Water Wells

Impulse generation technology is highly effective for cleaning wells of biofouling, mineral precipitation, and clogging from migration of fines. The principle effect of this process lies in the managed release of compressed nitrogen gas, which produces an elastic impulse. The impulse generator is inserted and positioned in the well screen or water producing zone, and through a pressurized hose, temporal impulses of high pressure nitrogen are released. The impulse generator is equipped with a valve system that releases the accumulated energy (200 to 1600 psi) in very short and fluctuating bursts (milli-seconds), through a large cross section.

Independent research by the Ground Water Research Center in Dresden, Germany (July 2003) compared the ability of a number of well rehabilitation technologies to impact the gravel pack and surrounding formation materials. The technologies evaluated included high and low pressure water jetting, sonic devices and impulse generation devices. The impulse generator was shown the most effective technology with respect to depth of penetration beyond the well screen. This result is significant since the further the penetration the more effective the cleaning effort.

Impulse generation technology can be used in a variety of well types including vertical and horizontal stainless steel screened wells, perforated or slotted steel casing, uncased open holes and PVC lined wells.

The advantages of this technology are:

Holt Services, Inc. staff have successfully worked with this technology since 2004 in numerous municipal supply wells, large diameter ASR wells, pressure relief wells, open borehole wells, remediation wells, and small diameter PVC recovery well systems. We have also used this technology in new wells for filter pack settlement and to maximize development of the screen interval and improve overall well efficiency.

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