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Safety When Drilling Over Water

When your project requires drilling over water, your environmental and geotechnical drilling crews at Holt Services, Inc. have the experience to get your job done safely. Our crews have safely completed drilling projects from barges on lakes, rivers, and on Puget Sound.

Drilling over water creates unique hazards.

There are no formal training requirements specifically for drilling over water, however there are water safety requirements mandated by the US Coast Guard. We adhere to all requirements which include having large life rings available on every barge and each crew member wears a life vest at all times while on the barge.

Our full time safety director and drilling crews plan and prepare to keep everyone safe while drilling over water. A large portion of our normal safety program includes training for hazard recognition. Crews train to recognize hazards so they can promptly take precautions to ensure everyone is safe from injury.

A site specific health and safety plan is created for each and every drill site. This plan addresses potential dangers and prepares the crew for the working conditions expected on the project.

Whether your project requires drilling over water or not, you can rest assured that your Holt Services, Inc. drilling crews will follow strict safety protocols to keep everyone at your project site safe and keep your drilling project proceeding on schedule.

Injuries affect all parts of our lives. For employees it may impact their job and their family. For clients, injuries impact our ability to complete projects on time and our ability to schedule crews to make certain we can meet our project commitments.

Contact us today to talk with a drilling professional about your over water drilling project.

Safety When Drilling Over Water


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