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Clean Water Drilling Services

Founder Randy Holt started his first clean water drilling company over 35 years ago and built a solid reputation for dependability, quality work, and results. Today, we have several senior drillers, each with over 25 years of drilling experience, who are ready to provide all the well services you need: water well drilling, testing, development, rehabilitation, and repair.

Your crews at Holt Services, Inc. use a variety of well drilling methods widely recognized by water well professionals as the best methods to drill and install water wells.


When you need commercial or municipal water well services, we bring the best equipment, tooling, pumps, and crews to get your job done right and on time. Our water well crews have earned a reputation for results that is unsurpassed in the industry.

Contact us today to talk with a water well specialist about your needs or a quote. Standard quotes are typically provided within 24 hours, often the same day.

"Randy is one of the most qualified drillers in the area and I always enjoy the opportunity to work with him given his thorough understanding of drilling techniques and unique approaches to dealing with drilling problems when they arise." More"


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