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About Us

Making Things Happen

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Holt Services, Inc.

As a result of our environmental, geotechnical, and clean water drilling services, communities have reliable sources of clean water, property is bought and sold, roads, bridges, and buildings are built, environmental contaminates are handled, and much more.

Our teams arrive early every day, passionate about making things happen. Consistently providing top quality drilling services brings challenges that keep us on our toes every day. Every project is unique. From hour to hour, conditions can change dramatically. Our drillers and managers have decades of experience to draw upon to formulate and implement successful solutions when problems do arise.

Our goal is to provide superior drilling services and build long term working relationships with our clients. Teamwork is key to our success both internally and with our customers.


Founders Barbara and Randy Holt have been in the drilling business since 1979. By 2012, Holt Drilling grew from a clean water drilling company into Holt Services, Inc.; a full-service, environmental, geotechnical and clean water drilling firm. Holt Services, Inc. expanded again in 2022 to include an Environmental Remediation Division. Today, we're the largest and most experienced drilling company in the Pacific Northwest.

Safety First Culture

Employees, led by our Health and Safety Director, work proactively to maintain extremely high safety and health standards through extensive training, prevention, onsite safety audits, and constant communication. 

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Our Mission

Provide superior drilling services and build long-term working relationships with our clients.

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