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High Resolution Site Characterization

Save time during the remediation process and have a more accurate feasibility study and cleanup action design plan.


How It Works

High Resolution Site Characterization (HRSC) is performed by the use of direct imaging tools to vertically log in-situ conditions that include soil lithology, the presence of VOC contaminants, hydrocarbon fluorescence, permeability, and electrical conductivity. HRSC is a perfect tool for creating or adding to conceptual site models and allows the end user to have a better understanding of contaminant location and migration. This will allow for a more accurate feasibility study and cleanup action design that will save time during the remediation process which in turn will lower the overall budget.


Holt Services utilizes the state of art Direct Image Systems from GeoProbe Systems that include membrane interface probe (MIP), optical image profiler (OIP), hydraulic profiling tool (HPT), and electrical conductivity (EC). MIP is used to log dissolved phase VOC concentration in soil and/or groundwater such as petroleum hydrocarbons and halogenated VOCs. OIP is used to log the presence of NAPL. MIP or OIP technologies are combined with HPT and EC to log water table depth, estimated K values, and groundwater specific conductance. MiHPT and OiHPT probes are advanced with the use of a direct push drill rig at specific time intervals in order to gather and analyze the specific information.


  • New 3/4 Ton Transit Van

  • Membrane Interface Probe with Hydraulic Profile Tool and Electric Conductivity

  • Equipment set up to log to depths of 100 feet bgs

  • Realtime data capture


  • Soil lithology

  • VOCs

  • Hydrocarbon fluorescence

  • Permeability

  • Electrical conductivity 

  • Creating site models


Our Projects

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