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High Resolution Water Well Inspections

Efficiently evaluate water wells and boreholes in real-time with our down well inspection cameras.

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How It Works

Holt Services utilizes state-of-the-art down well camera systems that include a dual view camera, cable reel, and software package with downhole diagnostics of the system.  The down well system is utilized to perform video inspections for well rehabilitation, loss in well pumping performance diagnostics, new well construction documentation, obstruction investigation, among many other uses.

Holt Services has performed video surveys at over 100 locations and to depths of up to 1,840 feet.


  • Inspect wells as small as 2-inch in diameter

  • 360 degree continuous rotation and down view modes

  • 10X optical zoom

  • Run the camera to depths of 2,500 feet

  • Works well in cased and uncased boreholes


  • PDF log of the well survey performed

  • High resolution MP4 video file


  • Customized water well camera van with an on-site control center

  • Aries Industries down well camera system

  • WC1750 Dual View Slimline Camera

  • BT9700 Dual View Camera

Our Projects

See Our Rigs In Action.

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