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Utility Clearance

Further minimize the risk of drilling into a utility by utilizing one of our air knife vacuum trucks to "pothole" or probe to a depth of up to 12 feet to physically locate utilities and obstructions.

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Utility Clearance Technologies

  • VACMASTER  SYSTEM 4000 Air Knife Vacuum Truck

  • On-board air compressor delivering 300 cfm @ 220 psi

  • Optional pavement cutting equipment available


  • Digs faster than water in most soils: wet, dry, compact, and sun-baked

  • Quickly breaks up soil and vacuums it out

  • Easily powers through alternating wet and dry soil

  • Stores dry and wet spoils separately

  • Dry spoils remain dry for fast, efficient backfilling

  • Safer for utilities and operator

  • Won't damage road base

  • High efficiency silencer minimizes noise levels

  • Slurry vacuum mode quickly and easily cleans up directional boring slurry, cleans out valve boxes, catch basins, underground vaults, etc.

  • For excavation and probing, high pressure water 0 – 3,000 psi at 3 GPM

  • For clean-up, low pressure water at 0 – 1000 psi

Our Projects

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