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Access the latest technology in the drilling industry.

Holt Services, Inc. maintains the largest state-of-the-art fleet of drill rigs and support equipment in the region. Every piece is rigorously maintained to optimize up-time. We round out proprietary tooling to get your project done right and on schedule.

Cable tool drill rigs are a traditional way of drilling water wells and continue to be the most practical drilling method for large diameter, deep water wells in the Pacific Northwest, especially for deep wells in gravel aquifers. They provide one of the cleanest drilling operations, with the best formation samples, with a small footprint. Cable tool rigs are ideal for initial water well development, water well redevelopment, and water well rehabilitation.


Cable tool drilling is proven for installing the most efficient wells. Cable tool drilling is free of drilling fluids or additives, which can cause formation plugging.

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The direct push drilling method pushes and/or hammers tooling into the subsurface without generating waste materials back to the surface that may be contaminated. Waste materials that are contaminated are costly to dispose of and require preparation of waste manifest paperwork and usually includes transportation and disposal costs.

Designed primarily for environmental drilling, geotechnical drilling, and exploration drilling applications.

Our drilling teams have extensive experience working with the MIP, HPT and MiHpt Geoprobe direct imaging systems.

Dual rotary drill rigs have two rotary drive mechanisms, an upper rotary head and a high torque lower drive unit. The top and lower drives feed independently allowing the bit position to vary relative to the bottom of the casing - this capability provides the ability to case off upper unstable formations and continue with open hole drilling techniques.


Telescoping casings can be implemented to case off upper zones of contamination or to stabilize previously drilled formations. This also increases depth capabilities by reducing sidewall friction on the casing and drill strings.

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Our auger rigs are designed to efficiently switch from auger to mud rotary to rock coring in minutes! Perfect for environmental, geotechnical, exploration, and construction drilling.

Holt is working with a ¾ ton transit van to offer real-time data and direct imaging for our clients.

It’s the perfect tool for creating or adding to conceptual site models and allows you all, the end user to have a better understanding of containment locations and migrations.

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Our auger rigs are designed to efficiently switch from auger to mud rotary to rock coring in minutes! Perfect for environmental, geotechnical, exploration, and construction drilling.

Holt has a large fleet of drill rigs and the ones we use for injection projects will vary based on site and subsurface conditions. We have truck and track mounted Geoprobe direct push rigs along with a fully-enclosed, self-contained injection trailer with an 11kw generator.

If you have a limited access site or the subsurface conditions are tough, we’ll mobilize a TSI 150 sonic rig to advance temporary sonic borings with a temporary packer. Whichever works best, know that all our equipment is compatible with corrosive oxidizers and activators.


Holt Services, Inc. has invested heavily in a diversified fleet of powerful, small-footprint, rubber track mounted rigs. These rigs are designed to easily reach tough locations. Their size and weight has been reduced and all but one has "driverless", remote controls. This keeps the center of gravity low so they can climb or descend steep grades - as much as 30 degrees.

There are five options for drilling methods with our limited access rigs: sonic drillinghollow stem auger, mud rotary, coring, and direct push drilling. Between these, you've got access to the capabilities you need for your environmental drilling, geotechnical drilling, construction drilling, exploration drilling, and much more.

Sonic drilling is a fast, clean, low impact drilling method for a broad range of applications, including: environmental, geotechnical, and mineral exploration, all with multiple types of sampling capabilities.

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At most drill sites, concerns exist about potential underground utilities or obstructions. Drilling into utilities or obstructions carries safety risks, can result in costly repairs and cause project delays. There is an easy solution for uncovering utilities and obstructions before drilling begins. At the borehole location, use our air knife vacuum truck to air excavate ("pothole") or probe to a depth of up to 12 feet to physically locate utilities and obstructions.

The air knife vacuum truck safely uncovers underground utilities and obstructions. It quickly digs deep down with air, locating underground utilities in the hardest soils without harming them.

We make it easier for you to maximize the life of your wells and well pumps, reduce maintenance and repair, maximize efficiency, and minimize energy costs through optimal water well performance. Our pump installers and rehabilitation technicians have over 20 years of experience delivering a full spectrum of quality well and pump services.

We use pump hoists, cable tool drill rigs, and dual rotary drill rigs to perform a variety of well development, well abandonment, and well rehabilitation services.

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