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Sonic Drill Rigs

Using sonic energy, sonic drill rigs achieve fast, clean, low-impact drilling in a wide variety of geotechnical, environmental, mineral drilling, and sampling applications.


How It Works

Sonic energy generated by two oscillators in the drilling head creates a range of frequencies. As a result of the vibrations generated by the oscillators, the resistance of the surrounding formations is reduced, allowing rapid penetration rates. The operator has the ability to regulate the frequencies generated based on the drilling conditions encountered to maximize drilling efficiency.


Sonic drilling is a fast, clean, low impact drilling method for a broad range of applications, including: environmental, geotechnical, and mineral exploration, all with multiple types of sampling capabilities.


Using telescoping techniques with proper casing selection enables the elimination or minimization of cross-contamination between contaminated zones or multiple aquifers. Sandstone, limestone, siltstone, and other coarse, competent deposits can be drilled sonically using water or mud.


  • HQ3 and PQ3 diamond coring

  • Drilling depths up to 700'

  • Borehole Diameters of 6" to 12"

  • Angle drilling capabilities from vertical to 45°

  • Rubber track mounted rigs can climb a 30° angle from horizontal

  • Outstanding drill site portability


  • Continuous Core with 4.75", 6", 7" and 8" Core Barrels

  • SPT

  • Shelby Tube

  • Osterburg

  • Pitcher Barrel

  • Isolated Groundwater or Zone

Sonic Drill Rigs

  • Terra Sonic TSi 150 Compact Crawler track mounted

  • Terra Sonic TSi 150 LC Compact Crawler track mounted

  • Gus Pech Brat-a-Sonic truck mounted

Our Projects

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