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Offering Our Clients The Highest Degree of Safety.

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A job can't start until it can be done safely.

Our number one priority is the safety of each and every employee. We work proactively to maintain extremely high safety and health standards through extensive training, prevention, onsite safety audits, and constant communication. We have zero tolerance for disregarding safety practices.

Holt Services' Sean Sewell has established a safety program designed to provide a safe workplace for our employees, to observe all State and Federal Laws and Regulations, and to provide an environment as free as possible from recognized hazards.

Site-Specific Safety Plans

A site specific health and safety plan is created for each and every drill site. This plan addresses potential dangers and prepares the crew for the working conditions expected on the project.

Safety Audits

 Our full-time safety director performs an average of three to five site safety audits every week to facilitate a positive safety culture among our employees. These audits are available to our clients upon request, at no additional cost.

EMR Ratings

  • 2023: 0.69

  • 2022: 0.68

  • 2021: 0.69

Our Mission

We Aim for Safety Zero

Holt Services, Inc.'s full-time safety director and drilling teams are committed to following all safety requirements - those of our clients as well as our internal requirements. We have decades of safety experience and the systems and processes to ensure adherence. We have zero tolerance for disregarding safety practices. Failure to follow safety procedures can put people at risk and can lead to costly delays. If an incident were to occur at a federal government drilling site, all work would stop until an investigation is completed and procedures are implemented to insure it doesn't reoccur. A work stoppage would cause project delays as well as add costs as crews are idle during a review process.

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